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BT3 is dedicated to providing customized training solutions for business. Our goal is to create web-based learning environments that foster collaborative thinking and knowledge-sharing that can contribute to all areas of personal, professional, and organizational growth.

The BT3 Production Team
We have achieved distinction by providing a full-service approach that includes consulting, integrated products, and support services for our custom interactive programs.  With extensive experience in adult education and instructional design, BT3 offers a professional team of designers to analyze and develop effective courseware to meet our clients’ training needs.

Courseware Development Services
Our sophisticated and unique learning programs create stimulating and individualized experiences to actively challenge learners to apply new knowledge in an engaging and multi-sensory environment.

We design courseware to:

  • Teach skills and concepts
  • Improve communications
  • Enhance problem-solving through knowledge sharing
  • Facilitate effective team-building
  • Transfer learning to the workplace

Whether instructional materials are delivered through facilitator-led classrooms, instrumented self-study, or team learning, we design programs that improve understanding and retention by concentrating on “learning by doing”.

Our suite of tools includes self-study and group learning applications.

Self-Study Applications:

  • Online References
  • Workbooks
  • Instructional Games
  • Tutorials
  • Educational Kiosks
  • Performance Support Tools
  • Simulations

Group Learning Applications:

  • Classroom Exercises
  • Facilitator Kits
  • Speaker Support Tools
  • Interactive Presentations
  • Team Games
  • Networked Training Systems
  • Groupware Applications

Whether instructor-led or self-study, our programs are designed to successfully achieve real results and solve real business problems.

Custom Multimedia Development Services
Blue Trout’s expertise is in creating custom multimedia educational technologies for corporate employee training and customer education.  With extensive experience in instructional design and interactive technologies, we provide our clients with innovative development approaches using digital publishing methods. This offers the flexibility to maintain and deliver personalized learning materials with the most effective tools available on any computer platform.

Blue Trout offers an array of design and production services:

  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • Learning Systems Design
  • Cross-Platform Design
  • Content & Script development
  • Storyboard creation
  • Graphic design & creation
  • Illustration
  • Three-dimensional animation & rendering
  • Sound & music composition and production
  • Digital video editing & production
  • Delivery System Design
  • Performance measurement, Evaluation & Reporting
  • Documentation
  • Technical Support & maintenance

Consulting Services
We understand the impact that performance can have on business goals. That’s why we build close working relationships with our clients and collaborate to develop the right combination of appropriate materials to achieve performance centered solutions.

Blue Trout offers a variety of consulting services for educational strategies and technology integration that simplifies the delivery process. By collaborating to achieve performance results, we can successfully integrate technology-based learning systems throughout entire organizations.

On-going Support and Maintenance
We stand behind every training program we create. BT3 offers customized support and maintenance packages that are specific to each project’s requirements.

Internet / Intranet
Many of the issues that come up with web-based training are similar to the issues that arise when people think about using CD-ROM technology.

The Internet is playing an increasingly larger role in corporate training.  BT3 can help businesses understand the issues involved in using web-based technologies for training.

Deciding whether to use the Web, or some other modality is a decision we can help you make.

Distance Education / Open Learning
Distance Education is defined as a planned teaching/learning experience that uses a wide spectrum of technologies to reach learners at a distance and is designed to encourage learner interaction and certification of learning.

BT3: creating custom training solutions for the distributed workplace

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